Nine people charged following execution of Sydney crime figure Pasquale Barbaro

7news SIDNEY – Nine peo­ple have been char­ged fol­lo­wing the bloo­dy exe­cu­tion of cri­me figu­re Pasqua­le Bar­ba­ro, after a series of poli­ce raids in Syd­ney. Tuesday's co-ordi­na­ted sting unfol­ded just after mid­day when hea­vi­ly armed offi­cers rai­ded more than a dozen pro­per­ties inclu­ding four at Sydney's Olym­pic Park. A total of 13 search war­ran­ts were exe­cu­ted and nine men aged from 18–29 were char­ged. "All tho­se char­ged with sub­stan­ti­ve mur­der were char­ged in rela­tion to Pasqua­le Bar­ba­ro," Assi­stant Com­mis­sio­ner Mark Jen­kins told repor­ters in Syd­ney on Wed­ne­sday. Bar­ba­ro, 35, was shot dead on an Earl­wood foot­path two weeks ago. Four of the nine men are facing mur­der char­ges and will appear in Syd­ney courts on Wed­ne­sday. NSW Poli­ce Com­mis­sio­ner Andrew Sci­pio­ne laun­ched Stri­ke For­ce Osprey less than two weeks ago after a spa­te of bloo­dy exe­cu­tions of noto­rious cri­me figu­res on Sydney's stree­ts.

"The­re is no end game. We will con­ti­nue to tar­get the­se indi­vi­duals throu­gh metho­di­cal inve­sti­ga­tions and disrup­tion stra­te­gies. The­re will be ongoing arrests. We will be pro­tec­ting the Sta­te of NSW. We will be not tole­ra­ting any indi­vi­dual who has a total disre­gard for the com­mu­ni­ty of this sta­te and its laws," Acting Depu­ty Com­mis­sio­ner Frank Men­nil­li said on Wed­ne­sday. The other five men are facing cri­mi­nal group char­ges and have court dates for Decem­ber and Janua­ry. Offi­cers from Stri­ke For­ce Osprey wor­ked with offi­cers from Stri­ke For­ce Rap­tor, which was set up in Novem­ber last year inve­sti­ga­ting the acti­vi­ties of the Bur­wood Chap­ter of the Rebels Outlaw Motor­cy­cle Gang. Both for­ces were invol­ved in Tuesday's raids. During the raid more than 40 mobi­le pho­nes, 11 cars, a safe, cash, sto­len NSW Poli­ce ID was sei­zed and will now be exa­mi­ned by spe­cia­li­st foren­sic accoun­tan­ts from the Fraud and Cyber­cri­me Squad.

Poli­ce from Stri­ke For­ce Rap­tor also sei­zed 20 long arms, 23 hand guns, 15 pro­hi­bi­ted wea­pons, inclu­ding bal­li­stic vests and masks, silen­cers, a stun gun, and a home­ma­de pipe gun; ammu­ni­tion, methy­lam­phe­ta­mi­ne, and ecsta­sy, poli­ce said on Wed­ne­sday. With eight shoo­ting dea­ths over the past 17 mon­ths in Syd­ney, poli­ce have vowed to stamp out gan­gland war­fa­re. Just weeks befo­re Mafia figu­re Bar­ba­ro was shot in Earl­wood as he was get­ting into his Mer­ce­des on Novem­ber 14, hit­man Hamad Assaad, 29, was shot in Geor­ges Hall on Octo­ber 25. In April, gan­gland king­pin and con­vic­ted kil­ler Walid Ahmad, 40, was kil­led in a spray of bul­le­ts on the roof­top car park of Bank­sto­wn Cen­tral shop­ping cen­tre. His mur­der is belie­ved to be in reta­lia­tion for the fatal shoo­ting of Saf­wan Char­ba­ji outsi­de a Con­dell Park panel bea­ter seve­ral weeks ear­lier. The month befo­re that Michael Davey was shot dead in a dri­veway in a dri­ve-by shoo­ting in King­swood. Belie­ved to be a mem­ber of the Rebels motor­cy­cle gang, Davey had esca­ped inju­ry during a shoo­ting at a shop­ping cen­tre the pre­vious year.

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