Man killed in Woodbridge shooting had family ties to organized crime

Cosimo Ernesto Commisso Peter edwards Man kil­led in Wood­brid­ge shoo­ting had fami­ly ties to orga­ni­zed cri­me. The­re are only two ways in and out of Castle­point Dr., a quiet resi­den­tial street whe­re a man rela­ted to an orga­ni­zed cri­me boss and his fema­le com­pa­nion were mur­de­red ear­ly Fri­day mor­ning. Inve­sti­ga­tors with the York Regio­nal Poli­ce Homi­ci­de Unit are gathe­ring video cam and home secu­ri­ty video along the street sin­ce the shoo­ting, hoping for hard phy­si­cal evi­den­ce. Poli­ce have not yet relea­sed any suspect infor­ma­tion in the mur­ders of Cosi­mo Erne­sto Com­mis­so, 33, of Wood­brid­ge and Chan­tel­le Alme­dia, 26, of Toron­to.

Com­mis­so was rela­ted to Cosi­mo (The Quail) Com­mis­so of Sider­no, Ita­ly, con­si­de­red by poli­ce the­re to be an ndran­ghe­ta orga­ni­zed cri­me boss. A Star inve­sti­ga­tion last year found some of his Cana­dian rela­ti­ves had cla­shed with an aggres­si­ve young com­pu­ter-friend­ly new­co­mers from B.C. and Que­bec allied to a gang cal­led The Wol­fpack Allian­ce. Cosi­mo Erne­sto Com­mis­so lived at the Castle­point Dr. home with his paren­ts, and wor­ked at the family’s two upsca­le restau­ran­ts in Wood­brid­ge and Yor­k­vil­le. Cosi­mo Erne­sto Com­mis­so and Alme­dia were both dead when poli­ce arri­ved at appro­xi­ma­te­ly 12:45 a.m. at the deta­ched brick home near Hwy. 27 and Lang­staff Rd. Nei­gh­bours said they heard about a half dozen gun­sho­ts. A nei­gh­bour who would iden­ti­fy him­self only as Tom descri­bed the resi­den­ts of the home as “very good peo­ple, very nice peo­ple, very hard­wor­king peo­ple.” “They work hard, the­se peo­ple,” Tom said. “They’re always at the restau­rant wor­king,” Tom said that the busi­ness at one of the restau­ran­ts has suf­fe­red sin­ce someo­ne shot up the restau­rant at Christ­ma­sti­me. A Star inve­sti­ga­tion repor­ted that the­re were two cre­di­ble death threa­ts again­st other men in the Com­mis­so fami­ly in York Region last year, and that the men decli­ned poli­ce pro­tec­tion from York Region poli­ce.

The threa­ts came as ene­mies from a group cal­led the Wol­fpack Allian­ce had ali­gned itself with ene­mies of the GTA Ndran­ghe­ta, the Star inve­sti­ga­tion found. The kil­ler on Fri­day mor­ning was appa­ren­tly wai­ting for the cou­ple to arri­ve in a whi­te Maz­da SUV. Almedia’s body was found in the Maz­da whi­le Cosi­mo Erne­sto Com­mis­so was on the dri­veway when poli­ce arri­ved. Cosi­mo Erne­sto Com­mis­so cla­shed in 2016 with Ana­sta­sios (Tas­sos) Leven­tis, the bro­ther of an accu­sed drug traf­fic­ker con­nec­ted to the Wol­fpack Allian­ce, sour­ces say. Leven­tis, 39, from the St-Lau­rent borou­gh of Mon­treal, was mur­de­red in broad day­light in Janua­ry 2017 in front of his con­do com­plex on Geor­ge St. near Ade­lai­de St. E. in the St. Law­ren­ce nei­gh­bou­rhood, near Geor­ge Bro­wn Col­le­ge. He was shot as he bol­ted in front of stu­den­ts, pas­ser­sby, con­struc­tion wor­kers and area resi­den­ts. His older bro­ther Miha­le Leven­tis, 40, mis­sed his Mon­treal fune­ral becau­se he was in custo­dy in the Mon­treal Deten­tion Cen­tre, awai­ting trial on cocai­ne traf­fic­king and gang­ste­ri­sm char­ges.

The Star inve­sti­ga­tion noted that ten­sions bet­ween the GTA Ndran­ghe­ta and others in the under­world ram­ped up after Vito Riz­zu­to, con­si­de­red by poli­ce to be Canada’s most power­ful mob­ster, died in Mon­treal in Decem­ber 2013 of repor­ted­ly natu­ral cau­ses. Locals found them­sel­ves at odds with young com­pu­ter-friend­ly new­co­mers from B.C. and Que­bec allied to The Wol­fpack Allian­ce, the Star inve­sti­ga­tion found. Wol­fpack sup­por­ters don’t have blood or eth­nic ties, a code of con­duct or a rigid hie­rar­chy. By con­tra­st, the ndran­ghe­ta is stee­ped in a highly struc­tu­red, qua­si-reli­gious cri­mi­nal tra­di­tion that rea­ches back more than a cen­tu­ry to the sou­thern Ita­lian region of Cala­bria. The­re was enor­mous bad blood bet­ween the Riz­zu­tos and local Ndran­ghe­ta at the time of Rizzuto’s death. They were on oppo­si­te sides of a mob war in the ear­ly 2000s that saw Rizzuto’s father and elde­st son mur­de­red. At the time of his death, Riz­zu­to was belie­ved by poli­ce to have draf­ted a “black list” of men in the Com­mis­so fami­ly he wan­ted kil­led.

The Star inve­sti­ga­tion repor­ted that Tas­sos Leven­tis was cal­led to a mid-after­noon mee­ting on Jan. 30, 2017 — the day he was mur­de­red. He had moved to down­to­wn Toron­to from Mon­treal more than a year ago to col­lect drug deb­ts owed to Mon­trea­lers, the Star inve­sti­ga­tion was told.

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