Ndrangheta, found in a garage in Reggio Calabria weapons of war and explosives. Also cocaine with the symbol of Freemasonry

Mbs.news A arse­nal with lots of guns, rifles, machi­ne guns and explo­si­ve. Wea­pons of war but also a cocai­ne stick, for over a kilo, stam­ped with the Free­ma­son­ry sym­bol. Perhaps a mar­ket whe­re gangs they were sup­plied in case of need, a sort of "sto­re of the offen­se". More like­ly, the signal that a Reg­gio Cala­bria some­thing is hap­pe­ning in the dyna­mics of Ndran­ghe­ta after the arrests of last sum­mer that hit the cosca Books and i pro­cess who, in recent years, have taken to pri­son the bos­ses of the most impor­tant mafia fami­lies. Some, thou­gh, They have gone outaf­ter having ser­ved their sen­ten­ce. Others are going to do it and demand more spa­ce in the ter­ri­to­ry.

The symp­toms of ten­sions the­re are all bet­ween things and the sei­zu­res of wea­pons car­ried out in recent weeks pro­ve it. The last is that of last Thur­sday in the area of​Via Sbar­re Supe­rio­ri, a district south of Reg­gio, whe­re, as part of a "tra­di­tio­nal" inve­sti­ga­tion, the finan­ce guard has sear­ched i gara­ge of a con­do­mi­nium. In one of the­se the colonel's men Fla­vio Urba­ni, of the major Gio­van­ni Andria­ni and the cap­tain Fla­via Ndriol­la­ri they have found over 2 and a half pounds of explo­si­ve, one kilo and 100 grams of cocai­ne, two machi­ne guns, 6 shot­guns, a shot­gun bar­re­led, 4 semi-auto­ma­tic guns, a spe­cial 38 cali­ber drum pistol, two shot­gun cho­kes and over 500 car­trid­ges.

Eve­ry­thing was hid­den on a woo­den plat­form which was a craf­ted mez­za­ni­ne. As repor­ted by the Gaz­zet­ta del Sud, insi­de the gara­ge were also found nume­rous T‑shirts and swea­tshirts with lo arms and the name of a foot­ball team, the "A.S.D. San Gior­gio”, which plays in Pro­mo­tion in Reg­gio Cala­bria. But also a t‑shirt Inter with the num­ber "10" and the wri­ting "Tul­lio". In addi­tion, the­re were cocai­ne resi­dues and pac­ka­ging pac­ka­ging for the clo­thing.

In fla­gran­te delic­to he was arre­sted Gio­van­ni D’Ascola, 31 years old. It was he who had the avai­la­bi­li­ty of the gara­ge owned by a sub­ject, a forei­gn result, who had ren­ted it for him. In rea­li­ty it is pre­ci­se­ly the figu­re of the arre­sted that pushes the inve­sti­ga­tors to belie­ve that behind the "san­ta­bar­ba­ra" sei­zed in via Sbar­re Supe­rio­ri the­re are expo­nen­ts of orga­ni­zed cri­me. Alrea­dy stop­ped in 2007 becau­se found in pos­ses­sion of some doses of nar­co­tic sub­stan­ce, in fact, D’Ascola is rela­ted to i boss Bor­ghet­to, histo­ri­cal­ly fede­ra­ted to cosca Books and today, perhaps, wil­ling to car­ve out a spa­ce more impor­tant in the mafia envi­ron­men­ts of Reg­gio. This is also thanks to the rela­tion­ships that they have made both with most influen­tial fami­lies of the city, both with the cri­mi­nal groups used, over the years, as labo­rers. If so, to the ten­sions that have been regi­ste­ring for some time in the area of​Gallico(northern suburb of Reg­gio), would be added tho­se of the Mode­na-Cic­ca­rel­lo district ter­ri­to­ry of the Bor­ghet­to-Zin­da­to.

The poten­tial of the sei­zed arse­nal would sug­ge­st that On Asco­la have had gods accom­pli­ces remai­ned on the loo­se. Accor­ding to inve­sti­ga­tors, the­re is no doubt that he ren­ted the gara­ge. Cer­tain­ly, howe­ver, he does not have the cri­mi­nal depth to act alo­ne. That's why the Reg­gio Cala­bria pro­se­cu­tor Gio­van­ni Bom­bar­die­ri and the repla­ce­ment of the Dda Wal­ter Igna­zit­to are inve­sti­ga­ting to see if D’Ascola is one of the owners of the ‘ndran­ghe­ta or just thewoo­den head"Used by tho­se who are able to use tho­se wea­pons. Also the wri­ting "Tul­lio" prin­ted in the T‑shirt num­ber 10 of Inter refers to fir­st name of some mem­bers of the Bor­ghet­to fami­ly, many of whom pas­sio­na­te of foot­ball and invol­ved in recent inve­sti­ga­tions again­st the ndran­ghe­ta.

Sub­se­quent inve­sti­ga­tions will pro­vi­de pro­se­cu­tors with new ele­men­ts on the hypo­the­sis that someo­ne, on the banks of the Strait, is rea­dy to stri­king gestu­res. It remains to under­stand what machi­ne guns and pistols were for. But abo­ve all the beyond two kilos of dyna­mi­te gela­tin, based on nitro­gly­ce­rin, at very high poten­tial. It is a par­ti­cu­lar­ly sen­si­ti­ve explo­si­ve which, after sam­pling, was destroyed by the finan­ce guard becau­se, when it decom­po­sed, it would beco­me highly unsta­ble. If cor­rec­tly assem­bled to the slow-bur­ning fuse and to the deto­na­tor sei­zed insi­de the gara­ge, the things could have used it for the rea­li­za­tion of a so-cal­led I.E.D. (Impro­vi­sed Explo­si­ve Devi­ce), a bomb with very high offen­si­ve capa­bi­li­ties. In other words: ord­nan­ce that, if they explo­de, in Reg­gio Cala­bria they could cau­se dama­ge grea­ter than anti-tank mines that are used in war.

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