Police Break Up US-Italy Drug Ring Run Out of NYC Trattoria

The Asso­cia­ted Press via New York Times ROME — Ita­lian poli­ce say an ope­ra­tion con­duc­ted with U.S. FBI agen­ts has tar­ge­ted a major drug-traf­fic­king ring based in a restau­rant-piz­ze­ria in New York City. Poli­ce say at lea­st 15 suspec­ts have been detai­ned by ear­ly Thur­sday, inclu­ding three in the Uni­ted Sta­tes con­nec­ted with the eate­ry in the city's Queens borou­gh. Inve­sti­ga­tors say the crac­k­do­wn fur­ther demon­stra­tes that the ndran­ghe­ta, an orga­ni­zed cri­me syn­di­ca­te roo­ted in Cala­bria in the toe of the Ita­lian penin­su­la, have for­ged ever stron­ger ties with U.S.-based mob­sters. The ndran­ghe­ta has long eclip­sed the Sici­lian Mafia as one of the world's big­ge­st drug traf­fic­kers.

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