Spari di avvertimento delle milizie libiche contro nave Alan Kurdi

Sea Eye, Comu­ni­ca­to LYBIAN MILITIAS fires war­ning sho­ts at Ger­man rescue ship The crew of the Alan Kur­di remains unhar­med and saves 90 lives

At an acci­dent at sea in inter­na­tio­nal waters, Libyan mili­tias pro­vo­ked a dan­ge­rous inci­dent. “When I heard the shoo­ting of the Libyans, I was not sure any­mo­re we would be able to save all peo­ple, and I was fea­ring the wor­st” says Alan Kur­di Cap­tain Bär­bel Beu­se.

  • The Alan Kur­di crew saves 90 lives
  • Libyan mili­tias hin­der the rescue effort and fire war­ning sho­ts into air and water
  • The Alan Kur­di crew remains unhar­med
  • Medi­cal team fears for the life of an unborn child
  • In the eve­ning, Libya offers Tri­po­li as a “Pla­ce of Safe­ty”

The aid orga­ni­sa­tion Alarm­Pho­ne informs Sea-Eye’s Alan Kur­di and the respon­si­ble offi­cials of an emer­gen­cy call from a rub­ber boat in inter­na­tio­nal waters on Satur­day. The search pla­ne Moon­bird was the fir­st ship at the site. The crew star­ted its usual distri­bu­tion of life jac­ke­ts and eva­cua­ted the fir­st few peo­ple. The rub­ber boat was com­ple­te­ly over­bur­de­ned, and water ente­red. Sud­den­ly, three hea­vi­ly armed fast boa­ts under Libyan flag approa­ched.

The Libyans kept posi­tio­ning them­sel­ves bet­ween the Alan Kur­di and the rub­ber boat to stop the rescue efforts. In panic, peo­ple star­ted jum­ping off the whi­te rub­ber boat to reach the rescue boa­ts of the Alan Kur­di. The Libyan mili­tia threa­te­ned the cap­tain via radio with aiming their boat’s moun­ted guns at the Ger­man ship. The cap­tain sent the majo­ri­ty of the crew to the back of the ship to mini­mi­se the dan­ger to them. “Such a con­fron­ta­tion is always the lea­st like­ly sce­na­rio. Still, we have prac­ti­ced and tal­ked throu­gh the even­tua­li­ty of such even­ts”, Jan Rib­beck says, direc­tor of Mis­sion at Sea-Eye e.V.

The situa­tion fur­ther esca­la­ted when war­ning sho­ts were fired into the air and water. The Libyans aimed their moun­ted guns at the peo­ple in the water. Head of Mis­sion Joshua Wed­ler descri­bes that the Alan Kur­di was una­ble to manoeu­vre at this point, becau­se the Libyan boa­ts had posi­tio­ned them­sel­ves in such a way that the ship could nei­ther move for­ward or back.

A col­li­sion bet­ween the Alan Kur­di and the rub­ber boat made many peo­ple fall into the water. Peo­ple, who were taken on board by the Libyan mili­tia jum­ped right back into the water. At land, Sea-Eye asked the Ger­man Forei­gn Mini­stry for urgent help avoi­ding a seve­re tra­ge­dy. “The con­tact to the ship fell out for almo­st an hour. With all the infor­ma­tion we had at this time, we wor­ried grea­tly about the lives of our own crew”, Rib­beck says fur­ther. In this chaos, the Alan Kurdi’s crew was able to act sober­ly and pro­fes­sio­nal­ly. They pul­led all peo­ple from the water and the rub­ber boat on board of their own ship. At this point, the dan­ge­rous con­fron­ta­tion ended.

The Libyans con­fi­sca­ted the emp­ty rub­ber boat and thus with­drew. 90 sur­vi­vors toge­ther with 17 crew mem­bers are now on board the rescue ship Alan Kur­di. The crew remai­ned unhar­med. “I am com­ple­te­ly shoc­ked at what hap­pe­ned here today and am hap­py that my crew remai­ned unhar­med. Now we’ll take care of the saved peo­ple fir­st”, says Cap­tain Beu­se. In the mean­ti­me, the medi­cal team fears for the life of an unborn child. A pre­gnant woman suf­fers from hea­vy abdo­mi­nal blee­ding. Jan Rib­beck has asked the Mal­te­se and Ita­lian offi­cials for the woman’s eva­cua­tion. “We’re afraid the young mother as lost her baby during this inci­dent”, says Rib­beck. “It is an unbe­lie­va­ble and shoc­king fact that Euro­pean, civil rescue for­ces were threa­te­ned and endan­ge­red here by per­sons, who are sup­por­ted in their human rights vio­la­ting efforts to stop peo­ple fleeing Libya by the rescue crew’s very own home coun­tries”, Gor­den Isler says, Spo­ke­sper­son of Sea Eye e.V. “That no one was har­med today is sole­ly attri­bu­ta­ble to the pro­fes­sio­nal and de-esca­la­ting demea­nour of our crew. We are hap­py that they will return safe­ly to their fami­lies”, Isler says.

In the eve­ning, the Libyan Offi­cer al-Abu­zi­di tells the Alan Kur­di that Tri­po­li should be the “Pla­ce of Safe­ty” for the saved peo­ple. Refer­ring to inter­na­tio­nal law, the Sea-Eye-mis­sion con­trol denied this assi­gned port and took cour­se towards the Ita­lian island Lam­pe­du­sa.

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