Two Brits arrested after 500kg of cocaine worth £50 million found on private jet from Colombia FIVE MEN are being que­stio­ned by Natio­nal Cri­me Agen­cy inve­sti­ga­tors fol­lo­wing the sei­zu­re of appro­xi­ma­te­ly half a ton­ne of cocai­ne from a pri­va­te jet at Farn­bo­rou­gh Air­port. Bor­der For­ce offi­cials found 500kg of Class A drug after exa­mi­ning 15 suit­ca­ses on a pri­va­te jet from Bogo­ta that lan­ded at Farn­bo­rou­gh Air­port, Hamp­shi­re, on Mon­day. The Home Offi­ce has said a full foren­sic ana­ly­sis of the disco­ve­ry is under­way, reports the Dai­ly Mir­ror.

Five pas­sen­gers on board the flight, two Bri­tish men, two Spa­nish men and an Ita­lian were arre­sted on suspi­cion of impor­ting class A drugs. Bor­der For­ce depu­ty chief ope­ra­ting offi­cer, Mike Ste­pney, said: “Wor­king with law enfor­ce­ment col­lea­gues like the Natio­nal Cri­me Agen­cy (NCA) we are deter­mi­ned to pre­vent drug traf­fic­king and bring tho­se respon­si­ble to justi­ce. “This was a signi­fi­cant find made pos­si­ble by the vigi­lan­ce of dedi­ca­ted Bor­der For­ce offi­cers. "They have pre­ven­ted a sub­stan­tial quan­ti­ty of drugs from ending up on our stree­ts and cau­sing untold mise­ry and dama­ge to our com­mu­ni­ties.

“After mee­ting the flight and que­stio­ning tho­se on board, offi­cers beca­me suspi­cious and sear­ched the air­craft and their lug­ga­ge. "When ope­ned, each case was found to con­tain bet­ween 34 to 37 tape wrap­ped pac­ka­ges wei­ghing appro­xi­ma­te­ly one kilo each. "One of the­se was pier­ced and a whi­te pow­der expo­sed which tested posi­ti­ve for cocai­ne.” The inve­sti­ga­tion was pas­sed to the NCA. Hamp­shi­re Con­sta­bu­la­ry also hel­ped by guar­ding the men arre­sted and moving the drugs to a secu­re loca­tion.

Three addres­ses in the Bour­ne­mouth area have been sear­ched by the NCA as part of the inve­sti­ga­tion, and items inclu­ding com­pu­ters and pho­nes were sei­zed. The crew of the pla­ne were also que­stio­ned and were relea­sed without char­ge. NCA ope­ra­tions mana­ger Sio­b­han Mic­kle­th­wai­te said: “This is a major sei­zu­re of cocai­ne, one of the lar­ge­st flo­wn into the UK by pla­ne in many years, and this sei­zu­re by Bor­der For­ce repre­sen­ts a major blow to orga­ni­sed cri­me. “We esti­ma­te that once cut and sold on the stree­ts in the UK it would have had a poten­tial value in excess of £50 mil­lion. “Our inve­sti­ga­tions into this attemp­ted impor­ta­tion are con­ti­nuing.”

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